About R.n.W


 ” If we dream it, we could do it”  with these inspiring words in AJ’s mind,
we started Radio New Wheels.

AJ “CEO” of RnW and the DJ, has a real  Passion for Country Music.
He is efficient and straightforward. He has a real sense of humor which is contagious.
Liza “Creative Director”  and DJ of Precious , a Passion for  80’s Music and Soul.
Always inspired to find new music what touch people’s heart

Radio New Wheels is located in the Netherlands. We are known for our Country Music.
We are not just a Country music Station, we make a difference and play other music styles as well like :  Dutch, pop and oldies. We are very proud that we broadcast our programs Precious and You’re the Star on Tuesday and Thursday in Nashville USA, in collaboration with T.S.P. Nashville.

In 2018 AJ won a prize “Most inspiring DeeJay”  from the CMA  Nashville

In 2019 we won a prize for Precious for  “best morning show”, a prize given by listeners from Nashville.

AJ won a prize “Radio DJ 2019” from the ICM Association.
In 2020 our program “You’re the Star” won a prize for most listeners given by the N.A.B. (National Air Broadcast)
We also broadcast programs from foreign countries which as Australia, USA and Belgium.